Unlock the Power to Double Your Gift

Unlock the Power to Double Your Gift

Belleville General Hospital Foundation’s New “Love Locks” Camp...

Belleville General Hospital Foundation’s New “Love Locks” Campaign with $100,000 Matching Gift from BGHA

The Belleville General Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the “Love Locks” Heart Campaign beginning on May 27th — a heartwarming initiative inspired by the romantic tradition of love locks left on bridges across Europe. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary (BGHA), which has pledged a $100,000 matching gift, donors now have the unique opportunity to double their impact.

The “Love Locks” Heart Campaign invites supporters to celebrate their love, gratitude, and community spirit by purchasing personalized heart-shaped padlocks. Just as couples in cities like Paris, Rome, and Moscow lock their love on iconic bridges, our community can now lock their love at Belleville General Hospital. These locks will adorn a stunning 14ft by 7ft indoor installation in the bustling Sills 2 corridor, creating a beautiful and meaningful display for all to see.

“We are incredibly excited to launch the ‘Love Locks’ Heart Campaign,” said Steven Cook, Executive Director of BGHF. “This campaign not only allows our community to express their love and gratitude in a meaningful way but also doubles the impact of their generosity thanks to the BGHA’s matching gift. It’s a beautiful opportunity to see how our combined efforts can make a significant difference in supporting the hospital’s needs.”

The BGHA, with its dedicated team of over 200 volunteers, has been a steadfast supporter of Belleville General Hospital for 86 years. Their latest commitment brings their total contributions to over $2.5 million, marking 2024 as their most generous year since 2012. The funds raised through the “Love Locks” campaign, matched dollar-for-dollar by the BGHA, will go towards acquiring essential medical equipment, ensuring that Belleville General Hospital can continue to provide top-notch care to the community.

Heather Smith, President of the BGHA, shared her enthusiasm for the campaign: “We are proud to support the ‘Love Locks’ Heart Campaign and to help the BGH Foundation maximize their fundraising efforts. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance patient care and support hospital programs. Our members and volunteers are passionate about making a positive impact, and this campaign is a wonderful way to bring the community together.”

The “Love Locks” are available in various donation levels, starting from $50 up to $1,000, each represented by different colored locks. Supporters can purchase locks to:

  • • Pay tribute to a loved one
  • • Say thank you to a healthcare worker
  • • Remember an important date or anniversary
  • • Celebrate a health milestone
  • • Family name

The locks will remain on display until June 30, 2025, allowing ample time for the community to visit and share in the collective display of love and support.

To participate in the “Love Locks” Heart Campaign and make your donation go further with the BGHA’s matching gift, visit www.bghflovelocks.ca or contact Steven Cook, Executive Director; Belleville General Hospital Foundation at scook@qhc.on.ca

Join BGHF in locking your love into place and doubling the impact of your generosity. Together, the community we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who rely on Belleville General Hospital. The Love Locks installation, sure to draw attention with its impressive size, can be viewed in the Sills 2 corridor at the hospital.

To learn more about the BGH Auxiliary, please visit https://quintehealth.ca/belleville-general-hospital-auxiliary/

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