Door to Door
April to August 2024

Door to Door

We’re in Your Neighborhood Asking for Your Support!

We’re canvassing in your area

Please open your door to a ‘Monthly Donation’

As Quinte Health’s Regional Secondary Hospital, we provide advanced programs benefitting the entire catchment, from Bancroft to Wellington, Brighton to Napanee.

Our incredible healthcare teams rely on the support of the community in the form of regular donations to enable the BGH Foundation to purchase the latest equipment, when its needed.

Why is Door to Door Fundraising Important?

Last year our teams hit the pavement with the goal of inspiring 500 new ‘Give Every Month’ donors, in a campaign spanning three months with the intention of growing sustainable giving.  Our friendly team went house to house , building a community of donors, all sharing the same vision – Keeping exceptional care close to home.  Such was the success; we are sending teams back out into the field, excited to share the latest updates regarding the hospital and how you can support.

Our Partner, Globalfaces Direct

Belleville General Hospital Foundation partners with Globalfaces Direct, one of North America’s largest face-to-face fundraising services.  Our representatives receive comprehensive training which allows them to speak on behalf of BGHF; about the work we do and our fundraising priorities and programs.  As part of the sign up process, fundraisers will call the call centre at 1-866-890-6138 to process donations and on the back of their badge you can find this number 1-647-479-0439 to call and verify the canvasser at your door.

Your monthly gift can be $20, $25, $30 or any amount that you choose.  When you become a monthly donor, you become a valued member of our GEM: ‘Give Every Month’ club.


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Monthly giving is an easy and convenient way to support equipment purchases as Belleville General Hospital.  Your donations can be put to work straight away to ensure our healthcare professionals have the best tools to care for patients.

Benefitting you & us

• Your monthly gifts come straight from your bank account or credit card.

• You will receive one consolidated tax receipt for all your monthly gifts made in the previous calendar year (mailed out annually in March)

• Ability to alter or freeze your gift at any time by contacting the Foundation office directly at 613-969-7400 ex 2061.  We do require 30 days’ notice to change or cancel gifts being processed through your bank account.

• Your gifts, along with the gifts from your fellow GEM Club community help to provide a valuable source of regular income that helps us plan ahead.

• Monthly giving helps reduce the cost of postage, paper and printing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the fundraiser is from the Belleville General Hospital Foundation?

Our teams will be canvassing from April to August 2024 across the region and will be identifiable by their BGHF branded red vests and photo ID.  Each team member is also equipped with electronic tablets to track and process your donation.  Our fundraisers never accept cash or cheques at the door.

What is the sign-up process like?

Our fundraiser will enter and submit your information into the secure tablet and then call into the Telephone Verification Center with the following numbers: 1-866-890-6138 or 1-647-479-0439

The agent on the phone will proceed to confirm your information on a secure recorded line and process your first donation on the spot!

Within 24-48 hours you will receive a Confirmation Email from Belleville General Hospital Foundation noting your donation details.

If you have any questions about Belleville General Hospital Foundation or our door-to-door fundraising efforts, please contact our office at (613) 969-7400 ext. 2061, or

What time of day do fundraisers canvas?

The most successful time of day for door-to-door fundraising is when people are likely to be home.  Our fundraisers work from 1:00pm to 8:30pm, Monday to Friday and weekends during certain periods.

What do I receive after I sign up?

• An email confirming your donation and status as a ‘Give Every Month’ donor

• A welcome letter from the Foundation Executive Director

• Direct mail throughout the year, containing patient stories and updates about the hospital.

• An Annual Foundation Impact Report

• Inclusion in regular E-Blasts, detailing Foundation initiatives and special events.