Foundation’s Health in Peak Condition: AGM Recognizes Strong Program Growth

Foundation’s Health in Peak Condition: AGM Recognizes Strong Program Growth

The Belleville General Hospital (BGH) Foundation is thrilled to announce a hugel...

The Belleville General Hospital (BGH) Foundation is thrilled to announce a hugely successful fiscal year 2023, marked by significant program revenue growth and an outpouring of community support.  The Foundation’s Annual General Meeting, last week, highlighted several key achievements that underscored the generosity and commitment of the regional community towards enhancing healthcare services.

Remarkable growth in program revenue

In 2023, the BGH Foundation saw a substantial increase in program revenue across key focus areas, demonstrating the community’s unwavering support. The Foundation’s total revenue surged to over $3.86m, reflecting a robust year of fundraising activities and donor contributions despite a challenging economic environment.  Total program revenue was up 13% year over year, bucking the trend across the healthcare fundraising sector during economic uncertainty.

Surge in community Support for Third Party Events & Lotteries

One of the standout achievements of 2023 was the exceptional rise in third party events and lotteries. The Board heard that gaming income for the year surpassed half a million dollars for the first time.  Collective venue from these activities has seen a 300% increase over a 5-year period, rising from $191,358 in 2019 to over $824,000 last year.  This surge not only contributed significantly to the overall revenue but also highlighted the collaborative spirit of our community and appetite for digital initiatives; extending far beyond the Quinte catchment.

Exponential Growth in Monthly Donors

The Foundation also reported exponential growth in the number of community members becoming monthly donors, rising from 40 to over 700 across a 5-year period.   This sustained support is crucial for the ongoing provision of high quality healthcare.  Financial reports indicated increased revenue in this program of 560% following donor acquisition investment through door to door campaigns.

A Year of Transformation & Impact

Major Gifts and Special Events played a significant role within the fiscal year.  Attendees noted record years in both staff campaign and golf event fundraising; with the Foundation’s flagship Gala Moulin Rouge Event, contributing over $600,000 to the bottom line.  Accounts showed that Major Gifts and Special Events contributed almost half of total program distribution at 31% and 15% respectively.

Words from Leadership

“We are extremely fortunate to have a passionate and diverse team that leads, inspires, and helps change the way our community receives healthcare,” said Foundation Executive Director, Steven Cook. “The remarkable growth in our program revenue and the overwhelming support from the community in 2023 is a testament to the collective effort and generosity of our donors, volunteers, and partners.”  BGHF Board Chair, Dr Tracy Bray was similarly complementary while acknowledging the growing needs at the Belleville Hospital site, “higher funding demand continues to stretch our resources, but the team and community continue to raise the bar each year as a collaborative partner to Quinte Health.  We were pleased to be able to distribute over $2.2m to support critical needs at the hospital.”

BGH Board Renewal

In congratulating Board members for a job well done, it was also the final meeting for long serving directors Bob Doyle, Peter Knudsen and Ed Lehtinen.  Amassing some 45+ years of service between them, the Foundation acknowledged their substantive contributions to the organization’s mission with plans to formalize an honorary committee in due course.  The businessmen can be credited with a variety of support across capital campaigns, initiatives and events helping to drive the Foundation’s mission.  Vicky Smith also announced her retirement from the Board, playing a key role, early on, in the birth of the organization’s lottery super draws.

Looking to the Future

While program growth remains buoyant in key areas, the Foundation also recognized the need to support fundraising efforts with a strong investment portfolio as part of a multiyear strategic plan.  Investment income for the year was tabled at $264,783.  Board members discussed the opportunity for future campaigns as opportunities to compliment program revenue.   Discussion in recent months had been centered around compliance and opportunities within the newer statutory framework of Ontario’s ‘non for profit corporations act.’  The Foundation spoke to a number of potential future commercial activities that could further propel fundraising efforts to meet increased demand.

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