Your generous gift makes it possible for patients like Joanne to be home for the holidays while fighting cancer.

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel


How would you tell your grandkids that you have cancer?

When my four-year-old granddaughter asked me why I was losing my hair, I told her that I was taking some special medicine that was making it fall out.

I was first diagnosed with cancer twelve years ago. I had to dig deep to find strength for my family, and strength for myself.  Twelve years ago, with my family beside me, I fought breast cancer and won.  But now I am doing it all over again.

Family is everything to me. And during the holiday season, I live to make things special for them. This year will be no different. And I want to tell you, that people like you make it possible.

When you are able to fight cancer right at home, this means you can keep living your life. It means you can keep making crafts and building forts with your grandkids. It means you can go for coffee with your friends every Tuesday afternoon. It means you can make that big breakfast on Christmas morning, the same breakfast your kids have enjoyed since they were just little themselves.

This is the gift you give when you make a donation to the Belleville General Hospital Foundation. Without your donations, our hospital would not be here. And I might not be home for Christmas.

When you donate to BGHF, you allow patients like me to keep enjoying life. Your gift ensures that our hospital has the best equipment, the best doctors, and the best care possible to fight illness right here at home.

Will you be a Christmas Angel and make a donation to BGHF this holiday season? Your gift makes it possible for patients like me to be home for the holidays while fighting cancer.

Belleville has been home for me since I was 11 years old. My kids and my grandkids all live here, too. So do my siblings and their kids, and so many lifelong friends and neighbours that have become like family to me.

My whole world is right here.  This time around, I am part of a clinical trial that means having my treatment in Kingston, but the bulk my day to day of living with and fighting cancer is done here at home.

This relies on expensive equipment, like CT scans, MRIs, and other special machines that help my incredible doctors and nurses do their jobs. Without it, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating cancer would not be possible.

Every gift you make to BGHF makes our hospital stronger. Your donations help the hospital purchase this life-saving equipment that helps so many people in our community every day. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, neighbours, friends.  And grandmas like me, who have cookies to bake and presents to wrap.

On Christmas Eve, we’ll head to church and then all come back to my house. My kids and grandkids will be there, and likely a few great friends, too. We’ll eat and drink and laugh, just like we always do. And while we’re all together enjoying the warmth of the season, I will feel extra grateful for this moment.

Because your donation made this joy possible.

Thank you so much for your support of BGHF, and for being a Christmas Angel for me, and my entire family.

Merry Christmas,

Joanne Callaghan,
Cancer Fighter & Proud Grandma


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