We're in for better health care in Quinte. Are you?



Most people donate to QHC Belleville because they want to change lives, they want to ensure their family and friends can receive the best medical care possible. They become our partners in health care to make a difference. And they do!

But this is not really about medical equipment, it’s about changing lives. Literally thousands of people in the Quinte region have benefited and thousands of lives have been saved over the years.

The pride for so many improvements in care belongs to our donor partners; every advance in care at QHC is a tribute to the thousands of people who donate. New equipment allows earlier detection and diagnosis, safer surgery and quicker recovery and higher levels of service for people who need QHC. And with your help the best is yet to come. We’re raising funds now to purchase a variety of new equipment that will restore people’s health without having to leave the region for treatment.

You can change a life. You can save a life. Right here in Belleville, in Quinte. You can do it today by making a donation to the Belleville General Hospital Foundation in support of QHC.

Board of Directors

  • PhotoBob Doyle
    Bob Doyle
  • PhotoPeter Knudsen
    1st Vice President
    Peter Knudsen
  • PhotoPatricia Guernsey
    2nd Vice President
    Patricia Guernsey
  • PhotoEd Lehtinen
    Past President
    Ed Lehtinen
  • PhotoDan Atkinson
    Dan Atkinson
  • PhotoKim Bishop
    NHFD Committee Chair
    Kim Bishop
  • PhotoNancy Dafoe
    BGH Auxiliary Representative
    Nancy Dafoe
  • PhotoDr. Tracy Bray
    Dr. Tracy Bray
  • PhotoEric Lehtinen
    Eric Lehtinen
  • PhotoDr. David O'Brien
    Dr. David O'Brien
  • PhotoMark Philbin
    Mark Philbin
  • PhotoMike Pretsell
    Mike Pretsell
  • PhotoRoss Rae
    Ross Rae
  • PhotoRose Mary Rashotte
    Rose Mary Rashotte
  • PhotoDave Rutherford
    Dave Rutherford
  • PhotoJohn Sherratt
    John Sherratt
  • PhotoCarol Wiggins
    Carol Wiggins
  • PhotoMary Clare Egberts
    Mary Clare Egberts
  • PhotoDrew Brown
    Secretary & Executive Director
    Drew Brown

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