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Therapeutic Cooking Classes

Therapeutic Cooking Classes

For the patients of Sills 5, the Mental Health Inpatient unit, the therapeutic cooking class is a highlight. We had the opportunity to join in on one of these sessions and talk with some of the patients and staff involved.

Recreation therapist, Karen Voth, said of the program, “The patients cook the meal from scratch with support of myself and a volunteer. We encourage as much independence as possible from them allowing them to feel a sense of accomplishment and develop the life skills to apply outside of the unit. Doing something as a team is important, working together to complete a task reduces the overwhelming feeling they may be experiencing.”

In addition to cooking, the program creates an open atmosphere to talk about their reintegration into the community. Staff is able to discuss the resources available to patients, the importance of healthy cooking for both themselves and others, and other skills that are vital to living independently.

Donations are always greatly appreciated, especially for programs like this. If you’d like to make a difference or talk about other ways you can help, please give us a call at 613-969-7400 ext. 2612 or visit and indicate that you’d like to designate your donations to Mental Health. 

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