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Woodbeck Auto Parts ‘Donate Your Old Car’ Campaign


Woodbeck Auto Parts is teaming up with both BGH Foundation and TMH Foundation to make healthcare better in our community.  For the months of June and July, Woodbeck Auto Parts will donate all proceeds from vehicles received to BGHF and TMHF.  Charitable receipts will be given to anyone who donates a vehicle during the campaign.

Woodbeck Auto Parts is one of approximately 900 auto recyclers in Ontario, and are completely environmentally friendly. Only a quarter of the industry in Canada is currently up to this standard.  In celebration of World Environment Day, Woodbeck’s is kicking off their campaign to donate all proceeds from the donation of used vehicles to BGHF and TMHF. 

World Environment Day (WED) occurs on the fifth of June every year and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.  The earth is getting polluted day by day so, we need to protect our environment by conducting many awareness programs all over the world. It is our duty to keep our environment clean. If our surrounding is clean, we will be healthy.

For more information on how to donate your car, including donated value, pick up and charitable receipts, please contact Amy Grills at 613-395-3336 or visit them online at

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